Monday, August 4, 2014

Rawlins Letter #14

From our Photo Scavenger Hunt

Stargazing one night...

We've truly been lead by the Spirit this week. We've been able to be at the right places at the right times and it's not because we know what we're doing. I feel like I learn things every day that make me feel like I've only been on a mission for about a month. It's because Heavenly Father knows us and all His children so well. He knows our needs and potential. He is helping us every step of the way to meet other's needs and help them realize their potential.

T is doing fantastic. We showed up at her house Tuesday morning (if we haven't seen her in a day or two it feels like forever, there is just the strangest draw to her that I can't quite explain). She opened the door, invited us in and said, "I was just thinking about you tow, wondering when I'd hear from you, and here you are." She has strengthened my testimony of the Spirit's guidance in so many ways.

The sisters we live with called a referral one morning. They ran into our room with the referral still on the phone and said, "Sister Hoer, this lady only speaks Spanish, will you make an appointment for us?" Somehow, I and this patient woman on the other end of the line communicated. I explained who we were and made an appointment for 4 o'clock that afternoon. The sisters got a member that spoke Spanish to go along with them and had a great lesson. It's cool to be able to help in that way. Made me want to study Spanish more.

We've been doing a photo scavenger hunt this week on top of a crazy work load. It has been so hard that Sister Waite and I feel like we can't keep up sometimes (not a complaint). Sisters Gregory and Swain (currently stationed in Berthoud, CO) emailed us a list of pictures to try and get and we sent them one in return. It's been so much fun and our investigators, less actives, and recent converts have been helping us, which is neat. It's cool to get involved in different ways. The best part about all of it is that this has been such a productive week! I really believe that Heavenly Father wants us to enjoy the little things in life. Even if we take a minute here and there to take a picture, I feel like he's blessed us in so many ways. People have seen us doing things, like dancing in a public place, that provided opportunities to contact them and do some inspired service.

We had an amazing lesson with C at the Alvey's house (I love the Alvey's). There are so many incredible families here. C has such a sincere desire to know what's right and to find what direction God wants him to take. It's inspiring. We laughed a lot and we felt the Spirit strong during that lesson. It was relaxed, it was natural. I think that's how the gospel feels. It just feels right.

Sunday was SO COOL!!! We almost had a whole row of people sitting with us. C came to church, Cindy Smiley gave S a ride, T and her daughter M were there. They ALL stayed for the whole time. I feel so blessed to serve here with such amazing people. I seriously feel like I have family in Rawlins. This ward feels like home.

Love and appreciate you all,
Sister Hoer

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