Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rawlins Letter #15

A must see mailbox in Laramie, Wyoming

In Laramie for interviews (and a rummage through the thrift store...)

We had dinner from a member's food truck at the demolition derby,
and got to see a few minutes of the event...lucky us!

Miracle of the week: we've been doing service (helping with taxidermy) for a former investigator. We were sitting there scraping forms for him and I kept thinking of questions I could ask or ways I could bring up the gospel. Every time I thought I had something good I heard the Spirit say, "Just wait, let him bring it up." Every time. Talk about frustrating. It came time for us to leave, when he told us a good time to come back. We set up a time and I asked, "What are you going to teach us next time?" He laughed and said maybe next time we could teach him something and "it'd be nice to hear a few good words." We kept our cool till we got in the truck and just started squealing like little girls. It was exciting!

C is doing really well. We met him at the Alvey's again this week and taught the Plan of Salvation. Lessons with him are great. They are good discussions. He commented on how merciful the kingdoms of glory were and how that makes so much sense to him with a loving God. I tend to agree :)

Cindy Smiley came with us to visit S again. S is reading and really beginning to understand the scriptures. It's so neat to see!! When we first started visiting her, she had so many questions and really struggled to get herself to read. She had a hard time with the thee, thou, and thy's is what she told us. However, she is reading between each visit and really enjoyed church.

I had my "exit interview" with President Brown. It really hit me that I'm going home in a few weeks. I think I cried through the whole thing. The thought of going home is so bittersweet. Being a missionary is incredible. My family is incredible. I want both... Since then, though, I've been pretty good. Keep moving forward. Sister Waite has been such a huge support. I am so grateful for that girl.

Our ward mission leader, Brother Bobik and his family are incredible!! They are so much fun to be around and also so uplifting. Sister Waite and I have learned so much from them. From making meetings more efficient, to making guacamole...it's been great. He came out with us to an appointment with our Hispanic investigators and also came out yesterday to try to contact some people. We are so grateful for his and other member support here in Rawlins.

T shared a really neat experience with us about feeling the Holy Ghost. I love the spirit that is in their home. I love the spirit that she brings with her everywhere. We're planning on going geochaching later today with her and M :) We're pretty excited about that.

"Every day feels like a month, and every month feels like a day. " - Sis. Hannah May Waite. So true.

So, doing missionary work in a small town is the best thing since roller skates. People simply cannot avoid the missionaries. We've been trying to contact a less-active for a while, with no luck. We saw her walking last night and got to talk to her and ended up helping her with a few things. AND we have an appointment with her tonight. Life in Rawlins is great!!!

Sister Rashauna Hoer

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