Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rawlins Letter #17

Throwing ninja stars with some very awesome kids

This is the head of a mountain lion

I found the tooth in the midst of the rotting flesh and maggots (yuk!)

Helping at a member's food truck

The gas chamber at the Old Pen. Five people were executed here

G's guns...

After we painted a fence

I drew a prison themed comic where it will be on display at the Old Pen

Soaking my feet at Saratoga Hot Springs

Life is so good when we are living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is extra special when you get to see others take steps toward acquiring the tools to find that happiness and that is exactly what this last week has been. Full of miracles and answered prayers.

S is coming to church regularly and loving it. We met with her twice this week and she shared with us some personal thoughts. She said, "You two have given me something priceless." We were all teary eyed as she went on to thank us for all we had taught her so far. We bore testimony of the fact that Heavenly Father sent us at this time because He knew she was ready for the gospel. I know He is the source of all the good we've been able to do here and especially with S. She also said, however, that the more we talk about baptism, the less she wants to do it. She explained that she talked to someone at church that waited 2 years to get baptized and "it might take me a little while...I might be a week or two." Haha, we were in shock! Sister Waite and I just looked at each other and smiled. We love meeting with S. She is enjoying and understanding the Book of Mormon more each time she reads it. 

C agreed to living the Word of Wisdom and isn't having any sort of problem with it. That guy's faith inspires me. He has read a chapter here and there of the Book of Mormon when we've invited him to, but we read a little bit from the beginning of the Book of Mormon together to get him started there. We talked about the importance of having questions and invited him to pray about whether or not it's true during church this Sunday (yesterday). Sister Waite and I have been praying non-stop and I even fasted Sunday for C to be able to feel and recognize his answer. Well, he told us Sunday after church that he'd gotten his answer a few days ago!!! I know that the Spirit testifies of truth to those who are sincerely seeking it.

T is just a joy to visit. We have so much fun with her and her family. It just feels like home over there. It could be the worst day ever and once their door opens, a smile automatically forms on my face. I've been officially invited to their family reunions from here on out. We have plans to get together at least once a year,  as well. Plans like that are helping me stay sane as my time as a full-time missionary comes to a close. They are so open to the Spirit and truly trying to do things that will bring the Spirit into their home more powerfully.

The D family is so kind. They always make us feel so welcome. Even when I try and fail miserably to speak Spanish, they are just so appreciative of our visits. During our last visit with them I pointed to Sister Waite and said, "Ella le gusta contar" instead of "Ella le gusta cantar". So, instead of liking to sing, we joke that Sister Waite likes to count now, haha! I also might have said, "Pues, que van hacer anoche?" which translates to: Well, what are you going to do last night? Yup, I need to study Spanish more. It's all resulted in some good laughs, though. 

G is doing well. It's so hard to get so far with someone and then leave. I mentioned that I was leaving in a week and he said something along the lines of, "You gotta go through 50 to get a good one, then they leave..." I told him I was going to keep in touch with his family, though. He said he'd take me and whoever came along to visit out shooting :) We helped him find mountain lion teeth in a pile of rotting flesh and maggots just yesterday! It's amazing how much service (especially something that repulsive) can open up opportunities to talk about the gospel.

I can't wait to write next week about our meeting with C and more about S, T, G and all the amazing active families in this area. The people in Rawlins are just fantastic.

Sister Rashauna Hoer

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