Monday, August 18, 2014

Rawlin's Letter #16

After helping a complete stranger haul some garbage :)

Beautiful Wyoming

At Martin's Cove

With Cindy Smiley at Martin's Cove

So, we found some things in the Relief Society closet and decided to 
decorate for our weekly missionary meeting :)

Before a service project

After the same service project :)

Seminoe Reservoir

After emailing last week, we met up with Tammy and Maliece to check out Seminoe Reservoir. It was really relaxing and just what I needed. It felt so nice to put my feet in the water, skip rocks, spend time with people I love, and roll down a steep, sandy hill. The drive and company was fantastic and I was introduced and treated to Kazoozles...a fantastic, fun, tangy treat that will now always remind me of the Morgan Family :) 

We had several miracles happen this week. I don't even know where to start. Great appointments and s'mores with D. S is reading the Book of Mormon and understanding it. She even invited herself to church. Tammy (who was just baptized about a month ago) was called to serve as the Young Woman Secretary. C is reading and still interested in learning more about the gospel. G let us share a message with him. W showed up to a Sunday fireside (she hasn't stepped foot into a church building in quite some time). Members are getting so involved. Tammy is coming to a lesson with us soon. She bore her testimony to S while we were at church, then S (who said she's never felt the Holy Spirit) said she might have felt it this Sunday. B showed up to the first hour of church. He was making his way toward the door and I said, "Hey, you're not leaving, are you?" He said he was pretty obvious he was. But before he did, he came over smiling, shook my hand, and said, "Don't worry, you're winning." Which means that God is winning. So many hearts are being softened. We are just making progress with so many people and it gets harder and harder to think about leaving.

Cindy Smiley and her niece Denay took us to Martin's Cove today :) I love getting out in the middle of now where. No matter where it is.

Balance is the key to life. Brigham Young encouraged each day to try and get 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of recreation. Now that's a great balance 

Also, I encourage you to watch "The Hope of God's Light" on It's different, but really neat. Find it here:

Sister Rashauna Hoer

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