Thursday, April 24, 2014

Greeley Letter #22


We've had some amazing progress with one of the less actives we've been working with. She's been going through some tough times, but simultaneously making change a little easier. Heavenly Father is helping her so much even if it's not as clear to her right now. We'll be having family home evening with her and her two kids tonight :) and it was her idea!!! She has a hard time changing on he own, but she really wants to give her kids the knowledge and tools that will help them avoid the path she took in life. She will do anything for them. It's cool to see such a clear example of why Heavenly Father has asked us to have children.

B received a Priesthood blessing before minor surgery this week. Everything continues to bring her a little closer to her Father in Heaven. She felt so good after the blessing and said when she started getting a little nervous at the hospital, she remembered the spirit she felt earlier and immediately felt peaceful again.

Prayers are answered all the time. We've had so many prayers answered this week. Oh, and I ate it on my bike! We were on our way to help build at Habitat for Humanity. I was riding without hands thinking I was really cool...and I made several turns smoothly, but right when we arrived at the job site I turned (a little too hard). My pedal scraped the ground and threw me off. I went rolling, camera and phone flew out of my pockets. It looked like an instant yard sale, hahaha! Without really trying, though, I was rolling and on my feet in no time. Sister Grammer said I actually looked pretty graceful :) Picking up my bike I realized my back tire was completely flat, which probably contributed to the crash. I found a huge chunk of glass stuck in my tire. Not cool. "And that's why you never throw glass bottles on the side of the road..." (quote for Monica, Brandilyn, Josha and anyone else who is an Arrested Development fan).

Cool study this week. I opened up to Doctrine & Covenants section 109. I thought to myself, "why not?" I'd never read that section before. It's the Kirtland Temple Dedicatory Prayer, but I tried to read it in regards to a person or a home. Anyway, verse 8 is quoted often. It's good, but I love verse 12: "that it may be sanctified and consecrated to be holy, and that thy holy presence may be continually in this house" and verse 13 made me think about how people feel in our presence or our home. It's an amazing goal, "And that all people who shall enter upon the threshold (enter your last name here)'s house may feel thy power, and feel constrained to acknowledge that thou hast sanctified it, and that it is thy house, a place of holiness."

We "egged" a family in our ward. We got 12 plastic eggs, filled 11 of them with goodies and hid them all in their front yard. The one we didn't fill represents Christ's empty tomb and therefore His resurrection. I think we got away with it...they haven't said anything, at least. Nice pranking is one of my favorite activities.

We acted on a feeling to visit one of our investigators randomly. Sister Grammer and I showed up at L's house at precisely the right time again!!! Heavenly Father keeps helping us get there right when she needs a reminder that He loves her and her family. It's really neat to testify of His love for people.

Happy Easter. Keep the spirit alive and study the Atonement.

Sister Rashauna Hoer

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