Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Greeley Letter #20

Biking to work at the Food Bank

Watching conference Saturday morning

Our district meeting

Greeley, Colorado

Geckos at a dinner appointment

Hey, Hey, Hey. Big news for this week! B announced that she is coming to church!!!! We've invited her several times in the past (as well as her husband, who was baptized back in December) but to no avail. We felt impressed that we should just let it go for a little bit and keep teaching the gospel. Well, not even a week later, she made the announcement!! To be honest, I was expecting her to take a little longer to feel ready. It just helped me realize even more what I already know, that we have to be the ones to decide to change. There's a lot that can help (feeling the Spirit, learning about Christ, answered prayers, acts of others, support from family, etc.) but ultimately, we decide who we are going to be through our every day actions. I am so very grateful that she is deciding to take this big step.

Speaking of big steps. I went upstairs to put some things away before bed one night (we had been snacking on hummus and veggie chips). It was dark and on my way back down the stairs to our room I missed a step and fell down the entire flight of stairs. The only thing I remember is thinking, "This is so loud!" It felt like it echoed throughout the whole house. Our Bishop was out of bed and at the top of the stairs in an instant to see if I was alright. I could not stop laughing! He didn't crack a smile, he is so polite. I apologized and he just simply said, "You know you can turn on a light any time you need to." Hahaha, oh boy! We've cracked a couple of jokes about it since then.

Friday we had our monthly leadership meeting. President Brown said something that will probably stick with me for a while, "The Lord gives us strength to endure and the opportunity to enjoy." Then, after the meeting when we went to the mission office to pick up mail for the missionaries back in Greeley, President Brown snuck up and put a handful of peanut M&Ms in my sweater pocket, haha! He's an inspiration and a fun guy to have around.

Conference was incredible!!! We watched the first session on Saturday with R so that we could show him how to watch it on his TV. It was his birthday so we also brought him over cookies and a birthday card :) He thoroughly enjoyed it and asked lots of questions. J, his family (including B) and us sisters went to an incredible member's house to enjoy breakfast burritos and the Sunday morning session. I feel like I missed a lot of it because I was trying to keep kids quiet and happy so that our investigators and recent converts and awesome member missionaries could listen, but I remember really liking President Uchdorf's talk on gratitude. Being grateful always is possible through faith in Jesus Christ. So simple. So true.

Sunday after the last session of conference, we set out to find an investigator that the Elders were working with in the past. The Elders have since gone home and failed to put down an address, so we've been doing some asking around and figured out what street they live on. Okay, that's a start. We parked on the street, said a prayer, and then got out of the car. I felt impressed to go left. We went left. We walked down the street until we saw a building with 4 apartments kind of set back off the street in a way that makes it hard to notice if you are just driving by. Both of us slowed down and I said, "What about that building back there?" Sister Grammer said confidently, "We need to go there" and we did. First door, no answer. Second door, potential investigators that we now have an appointment with on Friday. Third door, the investigator we were looking for!!! Miracles baby!!! I was dumbfounded. I don't know why I'm surprised every time this happens but I just feel so blessed. I love being able to see Heavenly Father make sure these people are taken care of through us. I love it.

Sister Rashauna Hoer

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