Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fort Collins Letter #16

We make sure to have fun when it's appropriate :) this pose was not my suggestion.... I'm not really sure how I ended up there.

Not as easy to remember as the last one, but oh well. I'm really excited for the new mission to be official and to meet President Brown.(Note my new address in the address box.) I feel like this is where I was supposed to be from the beginning. It just feels right. My ankle is doing great. Bruised still... but fully functional with minimal pain. 

This week has been incredible. We've had dinner with a family that is friends with our ward mission leader. We have a couple other members in our ward that are inviting their friends to feed us. It's really neat to be able to get into people's homes in such a relaxed way and give them an opportunity to feel the spirit when if we tracted into them they probably wouldn't have let us in. We also had dinner with the L family. They always remind me of living in Tennessee with the Davidsons. I love the South and miss it quite a bit. They continue to keep an open mind to the things we share and have such good hearts. I just love them. They haven't been to church again yet, but are doing their best to read the Book of Mormon.

We have 4 new investigators this week. FOUR!!!! Heavenly Father loves us. Sister Rosier and I are frequently amazed with how much He trusts us with. S, I told you about last Monday, M came back into the picture, a husband of a member in our ward accepted the invitation to take the discussions, and H, a woman that we found and taught last night agreed to meet with us again. 

The Temple owas the highlight of my whole week. It feels so much like home, I didn't want to leave. It is so easy to let myself put importance on things that really don't matter. The Temple always reminds me of what is most important. My Heavenly and earthly family came to mind a lot. I also read the first few chapters of Ephesians while I was in the Celestial Room. Chapter one is incredible. Chapter 3 verses 16-17 are really powerful too. I took from reading those passages, that Heavenly Father works through us. The inner man as it states in chapter 3, made me think of the part of us where faith resides. Each one of us has the light of Christ within us. The more we exercise our faith and rely on that part of our being (or the more we rely on Him), the more we can accomplish, especially when it comes to serving others. I have been able to feel how much more the spirit guides my thoughts and actions when I have the benefit of others on my mind. 

We were able to volunteer to help out with a triathalon. We got cool blue shirts and were responsible for passing out water/gatorade to the runners during that section of the race. We also got to dump water on anyone that asked for it... that was my favorite part. I even ran after a guy that wanted to be splashed but was running so fast that we missed him the first time. I'm quite positive that he'll remember the effort that one missionary put into cooling him off a little bit and join the church soon. 

Our last mission Denver North Mission Conference. The girls on the left will be south in the Denver area. Sister Gregory, Haas and I on the right will be in the Fort Collins mission. It was cool to see everyone one last time before the split

Helping out with the Triathalon. Sister Gregory, me, Sister Nolin, Sister Rosier and three young women from a local ward. 

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