Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fort Collins Letter #17

A member in my ward (shout out to Sister T) stumbled across my blog somehow.... She came up to me on Sunday and said, "I know your secret.... I know you bet on what dinner is going to be and that whoever is wrong has to include predetermined words during the dinner conversation." WHAT?!?! Both of us probably had a deer in the headlights look going on. She just laughed. That is who we are living with next. Our ward is incredible haha. 
Tuesday: Got to wear my wolf shirt and jeans during a service project. 

Wednesday: Volunteer hours and we continue to meet with members. We also had a lesson with D today. We are going pretty slowly through the lessons, but we are still moving forward. :) 

Thursday: I went on exchanges with a missionary named Sister Bible (hahaha what a conversation starter) and got to be part of a lesson with two deaf members in the Johnstown area. It was so cool to feel the spirit even when verbal communication is non-existent. I would share things occasionally and my temporary companion would translate. I was asked to say the closing prayer at the end of the lesson and she translated that too. 

FridayWe were on our bikes, you know, just biking around. Then it started getting really windy. Then it got so windy we were having a hard time riding in a straight line. Then it started raining. Then the lightning started. Then we started to get pelted in the face with hail. Then we took cover under the closest house's front porch. Then we realized no one was home. We stayed there and sung hymns until it let up enough to bike again. I love adventures as a missionary and how strong the spirit is when we sing, no matter the skill level. 

Saturday: I read Mosiah 12:6 this morning during my personal study and couldn't help but share the hail reference with Sister Rosier. We've never been able to relate so closely to a verse like that. We had a lesson with M today. Almost everything we share results in her just nodding her head and saying "uh-huh" like it is information that she already knows. Interesting... However, we taught her the plan of salvation today. She responded like she normally does until I mentioned the gospel being taught in the spirit world. She interrupted me with an astonished look on her face... She said, "wait, wait say that again." I repeated myself, mentioning God's plan to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to hear the gospel and chose whether to accept or reject it. Something clicked. She looked like she had found the answer to a life long question. She still won't agree to be baptized, but said that she's thinking about it. 

Sunday: Was kind of a miracle. Last week we made a goal to find three new investigators and hadn't found any yet. We have been doing a lot of work with members and trying to lovingly encourage them to engage in missionary work (ever since that missionary training broadcast, we've been meeting with members non-stop) and things are looking promising, but no new investigators. So Sister Rosier and I decided to fast and pray for the guidance necessary to find three people today. Nothing happened.... 7:30 pm rolls around and nothing, I was starting to get a little worried but Sister Rosier was completely calm. She simply said, "I know you'll lead us in the right direction." I can't describe how much I love that girl. She has so much faith in me and helps me see how much Heavenly Father trusts us. We know what is right and wrong and we have so much power to do good when we use the tools that He has provided us with. The gospel, prayer, fasting, the scriptures, prophets, family. Well we had two lessons one right after the other and went home with three new investigators. Miracles happen everyday. I know it wasn't our doing. I know that the Lord places us where we need to be and He has a hand in everything we do. 

Love you, Thank you for the updates and I can't wait to hear more about the crazy summer you have planned. You are always in my prayers and I feel yours everyday. 
Sincerely, Sister Rashauna Hoer

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