Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fort Collins Letter #13

 Rashauna with Sister Rosier
Rashauna & sister missionaries at the Fort Collins, Colorado Temple
(Elder Heywood, mentioned last week who reminds Rashauna of Seth, is on the left)

I'm so excited to meet President Brown, our new mission president who will be here in July!! We have been praying for him and his family. How exciting that he knows Uncle Mike.

I've been reading "with" you guys. I was in 2 Nephi but I just started over. I actually forgot to start on June 1st but read 12 pages yesterday to catch up. :) I'll remember from here on out. 

This week has been really good. We've been trying to balance our time with members and our own finding efforts in order to bring about the work in this area. We have quite a few potential leads and Sister Rosier is amazing!!! It took us a little bit to really get our footing and blend our styles of working. Sister Rosier and I have been talking to EVERYONE. I know it will be hard sometimes, but I couldn't be happier about not being in a car full time. (Did I tell you that last week? Yeah, we're getting bikes today!!!)

I was trying to get Sister Rosier to invite someone to be baptized while tracting one night and I realized however, that I had never even done it. So we knocked on a door and I invited. The woman, D, smiled, looked at both of us, and then realized we were serious. She told us she was already baptized. We asked what baptism meant to her. We then expounded on her good, but basic description and bore testimony about the Holy Ghost and the restored Priesthood. I invited her again. She said that she wanted to come to church first. We are expecting her on June 9th. I love D and I love being a missionary!! Inviting in a loving way leads people to have an increased intent to know for themselves and I was able to see that. 

There was another woman that we talked to for a little bit and then left her door. A few doors down Sister Rosier and I stopped and looked at each other. Sister Rosier said, "We have to go back don't we?" I immediately said yes and we returned and invited the woman, G, to hear a short message. She agreed and we have an appointment next Sunday. The spirit truly guides this work. 

Oh and Sister Rosier and I's first day of missionary work together consisted of tracting.... normal. However, a wet dog ran up to us and was dripping water all over our feet! When he slowed down enough for us to pet him we were puzzled to find out that he was completely dry and that the liquid on our feet was actually urine.... not normal. We didn't know what else to do but laugh and keep tracting so that's what we did. 

Hope all is well, I sure love you guys.

Sister Rashauna Hoer

p.s. I LOVE 2 Nephi 4.... So great. 

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