Monday, June 17, 2013

Fort Collins Letter #15

Ok.... to answer your questions really quick that I may or may not have gotten to yet.

The members we are living with are letting us borrow their bikes. I've been keeping my eye out for one (sort of... not really haha there's no time) but I'll have to get one in a few weeks I think. An Elder told me about so I'm going to ask President if I can check that out. 

C left to go on a mission trip in Eastern Europe and we're not really sure where he is at with things. 

S and her kids thought church was a little crazy. "That is nothing like I've ever seen before" were her words.... not necessarily the best comment, but we gave her a friend magazine and she was really excited. There is still hope :) There are sooooo many kids in our ward that she and her girls were a little overwhelmed. 

I love the story of the wolves. That was neat. I'll continue to try and feed the positive wolf. I got a fortune cookie recently that said, "your days will be filled with sunshine and happiness" So I'm thinking it shouldn't be too hard. I also found a really cool wolf shirt at a thrift store recently and I'll think of that story every time I see it now, it will be my reminder to be positive. Maybe I'll wear it all the time. To bed, under my proselyting clothes, working out, always. Hahah gross.

We are going to the temple this Friday!!! I'm so excited. We aren't sure if we will be able to go once the mission splits, so Sister Rosier, Gregory, Nolan, and I decided to go just in case it's our last time till we go home. 

We have been working with members a lot and guess what?!!?!?! We got a new investigator last week and another one today. REFERRALS!!!! Both of them!! I feel so blessed each time we get an opportunity to teach somebody. I know this is Heavenly Father's work and it's so humbling. I want to encourage everyone to be a part of it. 75% of baptisms come from member referrals.... let it sink in for a minute..... yeah, now you have to find someone to invite over to your home to take the missionary discussions. Simple as that. :)

We were playing ultimate frisbee last P-day and an Elder threw it to me. I jumped up to catch it but apparently an Elder behind me had the same plan. He basically landed on top of me, I heard a nice crunching sound, and my ankle was huge by the time we got to dinner. It's only sprained but it made riding a bike a little difficult. Most importantly, however, I caught the frisbee! :) My ankle is pretty bruised and still a little swollen, but it doesn't hurt nearly as much now. 

Look up Catalpa trees!!!! They are so pretty! They have huge leaves and white flowers. 

We had the most amazing stake conference. Elder Stanfield and Elder Switzer of the seventy spoke as well as the former and new stake presidencies. I will send you some really cool notes via snail mail as soon as I can. 

Always remember your Savior and love Him enough to bare testimony of Him through your thoughts, words, and actions. 

I love you! Love, Sister Rashauna Hoer

(Note: Here's the Catalpa Tree thar Rashauna referred to in her letter.  It really is pretty!)

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