Tuesday, April 2, 2013

For Collins Letter #4

Happy late Easter everyone and I loved the Easter "basket" - haha. Our bishop and his family gave me and my companion treat baskets, too. I'm well taken care of out here. 

There are rabbits everywhere!!! Hey dad: Are there billions of rabbits in Boulder or is this just a Fort Collins thing? We see them all the time. The weather is absolutely nuts. Completely unpredictable, especially without access to the daily weather report. It's kinda fun. I'd live here in a heart beat. The people here are just so nice, it reminds me a lot of home... just bigger. People leave their doors unlocked, it seems like a super safe area. I found out that we are just a few miles away from campus, like 5 miles or so. We meet a lot of students while we tract around or while street contacting. 

We were able to meet with J and S yesterday and it went really well. Our two progressing investigators are dedicated to finding out the truth for themselves and it is an amazing thing to see. We had a member with us who bore her testimony that she didn't understand all of the Book of Mormon when she first read it, but what she did notice was the effect it had on her everyday life. She felt more peace, and gradually understanding followed. It was perfect. I love how honest J and S are. They ask us all sorts of questions and I can tell they feel really comfortable with us. S said the closing prayer and thanked God for their new friends (that's us!!). We're still working on Jack, but he has been reading and even praying before hand. It's incredible. I know God will bless them for their efforts and I can't wait to see them again next Sunday.

It's incredible how much I've seen God's hand in this work and it is very humbling to be trusted with the responsibility of sharing His gospel. Our planners are more full each week and I know that we are being blessed because of our hard work. I feel like the first few weeks were a trial period and now that we've proved ourselves, God keeps sending people our way. Seeing improvement even in one person's life makes everything worth it. We tracted into a young man named Caleb last week and are really excited to talk with him again on Tuesday. We have a couple other appointments this week, too.

I've decided to spend some time during each morning's personal study hour to focus on the Atonement. This is something I plan to do my entire mission and really look forward to increasing my understanding so that I might better be able to help someone else access it's redeeming and enabling power. 

Last Preparation Day we played a game called "box" at the stake center with all the other elders and sisters in the zone. It's very similar to ultimate frisbee but both teams have the same goal so if there is a turn over, you have to switch from offense to defense really fast. It's so much fun that I played for a little too long. I showed up with a very rosy face to our dinner appointment - haha. I love the ward here. Every time we have dinner somewhere I love it more. It takes a little while to get to know people, but I feel like I have quite a few friends now :) It feels nice. Members are amazing.

I printed out pictures today!!! finally!! I'll send some soon.

Love you all so much.

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