Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fort Collins Letter #5

Your emails always make me tear up... haha it's actually videos of all the nieces and nephews, all the pictures that everyone sends, little email notes from Dad and Seth, getting letters in the mail through out the week, and the sweet words in your emails. All of it just touches my heart in such a positive, but emotional way. I think I cry at least a little bit every time I come to the library. (Yes, it's a little embarrassing) They are happy tears, though. I just get overwhelmed thinking about how lucky I am to have so much support, to have people that I miss so much, and to know that we all get to be together forever. It's a lot to try to take in every Monday.

We had almost everybody we planned to meet with this week not answer their doors. This was kind of disappointing. However, we met an amazing man by the name of Paul. (Funny you should bring up the apostle Paul from the New Testament in your email, mom =]) He has a truly remarkable story full of hardships and has completely turned his life to service, like Paul of the NT. He volunteers all the time and has really dedicated his life to God and His children. Paul is inspiring. He has his priorities straight.

Conference was incredible. What did you all think? I loved looking at the audience and thinking that you were there. Elder Holland's and President Monson's talks were my personal favorites. So powerful and positive. Realizations from conference and from my precious, personal study hour each morning have really strengthened my testimony in the peace that comes from trusting Heavenly Father. I've been able to feel such an increase in peace as we go about our work, knowing that He is in control and quite simply that He knows more than I do.

Sister Rashauna Hoer

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