Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Laramie Letter #10

Cool Shades Club
Rashauna's discovery that her the fabric on her mattress
support matches one of her favorite shirts!
Watermelon time!
Mail - such a wonderful treat for a missionary!

This week has been incredible. A is getting baptized at 7 pm on November 9th!!!! Her husband, D, will have the Melchizedek Priesthood conferred on him that same day before the baptism!!!!! We have our scheduled meetings and just stop by occasionally to see them. She loves when we come by, but I can guarantee we enjoy it more. I love seeing the gospel change people in subtle, yet important ways. I love to see how they live it, how they incorporate the teachings while still being themselves. The gospel is for everyone. Everyone deserves this. I love being able to observe the spirit teaching individuals the truths they need to know. Our lesson with A and D on Tuesday was the best one we've had yet. It was a crazy day trying to move, clean our old apartment, help the Elders clean a house that missionaries have lived in for 3 years (It was disgusting - we agreed to help as long as they took care of the bathroom haha), and bike to all our appointments. It all worked out though.

Sister Smith and Hermana Snow came over Wednesday morning before studies with waffles!! They didn't even know it was waffle Wednesday, they just wanted to give us a house warming gift. Inspired if you ask me. I went with Sister Smith all day on exchanges and Hermana stayed with Sister Da Voodie. H, a recent convert, took us out to lunch at Sweet Melissa's!! I'll never get sick of that place and we had such a productive and fun day. We worked hard and laughed hard. Best balance ever. We went home and exchanged back to our normal companions and when I went into my room I saw something that caught my eye. I threw my mattress of my bed to see if it was what I thought it was... Yup, the support for my bottom bunk mattress is covered in hot air balloon fabric!! It was meant to be. The sisters made me put on my hot air balloon shirt and document the event. If anyone didn't know... I like hot air balloons. Not really even sure why, but I think they're neat. 

Friday was packed full of good stuff. I got three letters!! A, the woman from Russia, who we've been trying to get to pray with us finally did so. G, she's from Romania, came to the relief society dinner. AND...... Miracle of the week: Sister Da Voodie and I made a goal on the 16th to find, teach, and baptize a family. Well, while walking in between appointments on the 20th (only four days later), I saw a stroller outside of an apartment. I motioned towards it and said, "Hey look, a family. Let's teach them." We knocked on the door and shared the unique message that our families can be together forever. They let us in and we were able to have a wonderful discussion about Christ's church on the earth today. T, S, and their three children = family. MIRACLES!!! THEN, we randomly saw them on Saturday and S has already started reading the Book of Mormon!!! 

While volunteering at Salvation Army, they have a whole room in the back dedicated to snacks/drinks for volunteers and employees. We took a short break and somehow had a coconut water (it's really gross) chugging contest. Sister De Voe, Cardon, and I took the challenge. We decided that the two losers would buy groceries for the winner on Monday. Well, let's just say I got free groceries yesterday!!! and one of the Elders bought me a watermelon just because I'm crazy about them!!! The rest of Saturday was a true testimony that we are guided to be at the right place at the right time. We visited two less-active families who were so appreciative of our visit. They both showed up to church on Sunday

It rained a lot on Sunday. Biking was interesting..... But we had an incredible lesson in Relief Society. It was all about how Christ ministered to the one. He always made people feel like they were the only one that existed, and He still does. It was very inspiring to me to focus more on this aspect of His life and learn how I can better represent Him by striving to treat people as He does. A humbling, but inspiring lesson. 

Yesterday (Monday), we cleaned our apartment, I got free groceries, and then we all met at the church building. We played basketball, indoor soccer, football, and volleyball. It was sooooo much fun. I was running around the entire time, my face was bright red, but I had a blast. I loved every second of it. I think soccer and volleyball were my favorite parts. We cut open the watermelon, too. It was just a great day. We met with L that evening and had a cool lesson with her, incorporating the things we had learned Sunday. While biking to our next appointment, my bike completely died. We were close to the Elders apartment, so we put our bikes in the bed of their truck with a post-it note explaining our situation. We also included, "request any baked good item and it's yours," for dropping them off at our house later that evening. Mom, any way you could email me a good cinnamon roll recipe? We continued on foot the rest of the night and got home to see our apartment completely covered in streamers, balloons, and candy. We saw a note on the table that said, "Thanks sisters, for helping us clean the house, ya'll are awesome." That was super fun to come home to. :) 

Sister Cardon and I are on exchanges today and our Bishop was wonderful enough to drop off two bikes for us to borrow so we can actually get where we need to go. Bikes are so much faster than walking. 

Anyway, life is great as usual. I miss the family like usual. I love all the pictures you sent like usual. 

Love, Sister Rashauna Hoer

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