Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Laramie Letter #8

Cherry tomatoes from Elder Call & Elder Acshieris
(because they know she LOVES tomatoes)!
Cutting wood again with President Dory
Sister Gregory and Rashauna, reunited at a Leadership Training Meeting
Well, Sister M took us to Sweet Melissa's for dinner last Tuesday! I love that woman and not just because she took us there (that's a little part of it) but she is just a delight to spend time with. She makes me laugh. She makes me think deeper about the gospel. She is incredible! The whole time we were eating, Arcade Fire was playing. It was wonderful, haha. My last Mission President called situations like this tender mercies, as long as we weren't going out of our way to listen to non-spiritual music, so I enjoyed every minute of it.

We are making some amazing progress with the S family! Sister S said she knows the Book of Mormon is true and that she really wants to start reading it again. That is beyond exciting. We read a little bit with both of them last time we were there.

A, the Russian woman, is doing wonderful. It's always a miracle when you feel like you've helped someone. During one of our last visits, she told us as we were leaving, "Thank you, your visits, they help." Ah! She is so sweet. She lives really close to us so we visit/teach her all the time.

On Thursday, Sister De Voe and I really felt like we should visit one of our investigators who owns a tailoring shop downtown. We live on a hill and had just left A's house. We looked across the city where we were planning on biking to and saw a huge storm. Lightning, Thunder, Rain, the works - right where we wanted to go. (It's really cool, you can always see where it's raining here, so being on bikes we try to avoid those areas when possible). We knew we should go visit her though so we got on our bikes and started pedaling towards the nightmare of a storm. There was so much lightning and it kept getting windier the closer we got. We made it to our investigator's shop and she had us just bring our bikes inside because right when we arrived it started pouring. We were able to have a great gospel discussion with her. She said the closing prayer thanking Heavenly Father for bringing us today. Guess what? It stopped raining right when we needed to leave. Miracles!!
Another investigator, named A, is doing so great. We invited her to live the Word of Wisdom during our last visit and she not only agreed but also brought up a day that she would like to be baptized!! We didn't even ask her! Sister De Voe and I have been trying to eat/exercise/sleep according to the Word of Wisdom too so we can better understand the sacrifices she is going through. It's been a powerful experience. Sacrifice brings blessings.
I got to go surfing!!! Haha, not really, but I did get to ride a really cool long board that is supposed to simulate surfing... I'm not sure how it works but it was really cool. I also fell so hard and got a rock lodged into my palm. Don't worry, Sister De Voe has got some pretty rad nursing skills and dug it out for me. I also managed to get the nickname Sister Tree Hugger.... Something about my love of hiking, nature, all the vegetables I eat, lack of make-up probably, you know things like that. An Elder asked how I got to be the way am and Sister Bible, my last companion and current roommate still, said, "She got it from her dad." Haha, evidence that you get to know people really well when you spend 24/7 with them. I also mentioned that I was born on Arbor Day and it was simply my fate to become this way.
Cool Sunday quote, "It's not your job to convert people, that is the role of the spirit. It is your responsibility to share what you believe and not be afraid of that." We talked a lot about serving others during church. Service really does fix anything and everything. Reaching outside of yourself is the most therapeutic activity I've experienced in my life.
P-Day was great. We all met at the Church building and played basketball and volleyball (but mostly volleyball =]) It was soooo much fun. I haven't played volleyball in a long time. I think we played for 3-ish hours and I am very sore, but couldn't be happier. I met an 18 year old version of Stan Hoer at dinner last night. It was so funny talking to him and asking him questions, knowing what his answer would be before he said it. I obviously was guessing how he would answer based on how my dad would answer, but I was right every time. Haha it was crazy and really cool and kinda weird.
Life is great! I love being a missionary!!
Sister Hoer 

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