Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Laramie Letter #2

Here's my week.

Tuesday: We were on bikes until Thursday!!! I loved it. Today we ended up in an area of town looking for a non-existent address. We realized why were were there when we ran into J. We taught him the first discussion on the sidewalk and he even said a closing prayer. It was incredible to see him get a little choked up and express how he has been looking for direction and how this was just what he was looking for. I know Heavenly Father puts us where we need to be and I know that there are people who are truly prepared to hear the truth. Also met a man born and raised in Laramie but a die-hard BYU football fan. He saw us and said "Hey, now don't get offended but I wanna show you something" He proceeded to lift up his shirt haha and show us a tattoo he has proving his dedication to the Cougars. Sweet. 

Wednesday: Got to practice some spanish with a woman by the name of L at the Laramie Soup Kitchen. Visited M and L today. They are amazing. Still trying to get Leah to read the Book of Mormon and I think she's finally going to do it. 

Thursday: Had a great lesson with P at Grandma's house where we taught her about the prophet and priesthood authority vs. priesthood keys. She lives in a different ward's boundaries and has friends in that ward so we invited her to start meeting with those missionaries and attend that ward on Sunday. That was really hard but I know it will be best for her in the long run. Her needs will be better met there  where people can receive revelation on her behalf. 

Friday: We got our car back today and had to give our bikes back to the members. Sad day. Today was pretty slow. Everyone we tried to visit wasn't home. We had dinner with a really cool family though, the S family and ran into an older couple sitting outside their home. We talked for a little while about our church, life, missionary service, their faith, etc. The man, who refused to give us his name but rather referred to himself as the engineer from UW, gave us some cool advice. He said "be tough, not hard" and explained that a hard knife when put under pressure will break whereas a tough knife will bend. You can bend a tough knife back and use it again. 

Saturday: We visited C today and invited him to church. He immediately said yes and I have no doubt that he'll be there. He is a man of his word. Today was Elder Greer's birthday so Sister Bible, Smith, Strasser, and I got balloons and took a late lunch so that we could fill their house with them :) Both their front and back door were unlocked so we just walked right in and started decorating. We had all but 4 of the 72 balloons blown up when the Elders biked into view. The front door was open and so they saw us immediately. I just screamed and ran out the back door. The other sisters followed suit. It was a fun adventure and I think he really appreciated it. 

Sunday: C showed up just 2 minutes before Sacrament Meeting started. Sister Bible and I both spoke today. We were asked to talk on missionary work :) Sweet! I spoke about agency and using it righteously. I shared Isaiah 53:5 and talked about Christ using His agency to complete the Atonement for each of us. Mosiah 5:2 talks about a change of heart and I bore testimony that it's faith in Christ and feeling the spirit that truly changes our heart. We need to use our agency to allow the spirit to change and mold us into the people and missionaries that Heavenly Father would like us to be. Relief Society in the YSA ward was really inspiring. Prayer is truly the key to just about everything. Heavenly Father knows us better than we do, so go to Him when you have a question. Later, a friend came up to me while we were singing hymns at Grandma's house and said, "Sometimes you just need Sister Hoer as a friend, ya know what I mean?" That made me feel pretty good. Heavenly Father answers my prayers all the time through the spirit, but also through people all around me. Family, friends, strangers, everyone. I wish I had more time to write them all down.  

Monday: Preparation Day!! We all met at the Stake center and played dodgeball and knockout. It was a blast. Later I met a woman in the other sister's ward, Sister Heath. She had heard of me and had seen my name and said that I should just start going by Sister Hoochie Mama..... I probably shouldn't, but I think this is hilarious. :) Haha for FHE we had a photo scavenger hunt and we (Sister Bible, Emily, Brenda, and I) went all around town getting funny pictures to fulfill the random requirements. We ended up getting the most points and we each got a prize. I chose last and was left with a pink lawn flamingo which I thought was pretty cool. (I put it in front of the Zone Leaders front door this morning and am excited to have them find it when they get home)

I love being a missionary!  Love, Sister Hoer

 There was a fire in the dumpster where Rashauna lives.

 Scavenger hunt prizes!

 Decorating for Elder Greer's birthday

 It was a biking day...she has spandex on under her skirt!

Willie - the BYU fan!

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