Monday, May 20, 2013

Fort Collins Letter #11

Sorting donated items at Habitat for Humanity
(Rashauna on the right)


Monday: Made some crock pot veggies and a bunch of quinoa for easy meals for the rest of the week. 

Tuesday: Left a Book of Mormon in the library of an Elderly care center where we visited a member of our ward. I may or may not have said see-eth instead of see during our dinner message..... evidence that I've been studying the scriptures a lot but embarrassing nonetheless haha. 

Wednesday: We volunteered at Habitat for Humanity restore (thrift store) and climbed to the top of the pile of bags of donated clothes. (Yes in skirts - the clothing manager got some pictures of that as well that I'll try and get to you) I also found some cute skirts while sorting through clothes. 

Thursday: Zone Conference. All the missionaries in the Loveland area got together and had a very uplifting meeting. The whole first part was all about our Savior, Jesus Christ. I love being reminded of what every message we share is really centered around. Faith in Christ keeps us moving forward. It doesn't mean that life is going to be easy, but it ensures us that we will be facing the right direction. My companion and Sister Gregory's companion are 'Sister Trainer Leaders' (Very silly name, but they are essentially Zone Leaders for the sisters) and go on exchanges with other sisters so starting right after our conference, Sister Gregory and I were left as companions for a full 48 hours. We tracted all that evening. We really enjoy each other's company, but more importantly, we teach very well together. We are almost always on the same page and had some really neat gospel conversations. 

Friday: Tracting again. Sister Gregory broke somebody's doorbell but you could tell that it was in the sun for most of the day and therefore brittle. The man was very kind and said not to worry about it when we offered to replace it. We ate lunch at a restaurant called Rustic Oven when a woman named Robin Bowler called. (This whole time I thought it was Robin Fuller until I read your email haha) She met us at our next appointment and delivered flowers, fruit tarts and a card. I felt so special. Thank you mom and dad!!!!.... however, I'm pretty sure that's not allowed (even if I don't know them). Haha I think that was our one freebie.... Sister Gregory and I then walked several miles tracting and were very sweaty. I don't know how much we walked but I do know that we probably looked pathetic. We gave out some Book of Mormons and bore testimony of the truths we have come to know as often as possible. There are random pianos all over Fort Collins. They are all painted differently and are just outside on the street for anyone to play. SO COOL! We had dinner at Panera Bread with some members in Sister Gregory's ward and saw one. This town is incredible. We tracted some more in the evening. 

Saturday: Have I told you about yet? Well it's so neat!! It's a website that anyone can post service opportunities to. We (as missionaries) have been encouraged to find service projects and help out the community whenever we can. We were able to help out a Lutheran church in the area that was getting a huge garden planted. All the food produced will go directly to the food bank. Not only was it nice to do some real work but it was incredible to think that we were helping to feed people in the future. If every church (not just Mormons, but everyone) did this, think how many people we could feed. We also were able to have several positive conversations with other people serving due to the relaxed environment and obvious common ground (service-oriented Christians). After dinner we switched back to our original companions. 

Sunday: Church gets better and better each week. We had a lesson on faith during Sunday School and a lesson on temples in Relief Society (we get to go to the temple this Friday!!!). We just talked about the basics. We talked about the blessings that come from faith and regular temple attendance. I've decided faith is a choice (at least at first). We have to choose to have faith or rather focus on what faith we do have to see the blessings and make the connection that they are indeed from our Heavenly Father. As we apply our faith by acting according to what we know, we see blessings, we recognize miracles everyday, and we experience growth. Choose to believe everyday and you'll see miracles according to your faith.

Today: HIKING!!!!! It's been way too long. Sister Soulier (Soo-lee-"A") took us and the other sisters up to hike Horsetooth rock. I couldn't stop smiling. Colorado is so beautiful. Cool note: A less active member in our ward (that we've been working extensively with) told us recently that she asked her fiance how he would feel if she started going back to church!!!!! I couldn't be more excited. 

Love you all. Love the updates. Love the letters. Love your prayers. 

I pray for each of you every night and think about you even more. Keep on keeping on.

Love, Sister Hoer

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