Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rawlins Letter #9

Working out at the park

Frosting fight...

...the frosting won!

The frosting that was left went on Sister Young's birthday cake.

Meeting up with the Wilderness District on the way to Laramie

No caption needed.

Visiting with Grandma T in Laramie!

Last Monday we were playing soccer in the park on P-day and the ball managed to get by me right as a guy was walking by. He let the ball come to him, juggled it a few times and passed it to me. I said, "Whoa, you wanna play with us?" He agreed and got to meet all four of us sister missionaries. Since then, we played Tuesday and Wednesday for a little bit and got to meet all of his friends. They call me "hermana" because they can't say my name and I try to speak Spanish to them. They've asked us all sorts of questions and we've invited them all to church. Quite a few are actually interested. It's great! Soccer: best finding activity on my mission, so far.

Sister Waite and I decided that it simply doesn't matter what you teach. How you teach is the real indicator of someone's progression. If the Spirit is present, He will teach people exactly what they (and we, as a matter of fact) need to hear. We've been trying to focus on that even more.

We helped out a less-active with gardening again and guess who showed up to church this Sunday!!! Yup, she made it!!! That was really exciting. T is doing great! She came to church this week and we taught her the Plan of Salvation which was really powerful. She still has some questions about a few things but feels it's true. Questions are a good thing. If we don't ask questions, we'll never find answers. And, let me tell you, she's got some great questions. Lessons are totally led by the Spirit. T is one of the most prepared people I've ever met. It is so clear how much Heavenly Father loves that woman. She's been through a lot and deserves this Gospel and the blessings that come because of it. 

Everybody deserves the Gospel.

We had a meeting in Laramie on Friday (I got to stop by and visit with Grandma T!!!! We sang her a song just like the good 'old days). On Saturday, Sister Waite and I decided to pray together to request help in finding an SD card that she had misplaced. It had been missing for quite some time and had her pretty worried. I would be too in that situation. I had no idea where she had put it or anything. She said a prayer, during which I had the clearest impression to look in a very specific drawer. It seemed so silly, but after the prayer I told Sister Waite the thought that had come into my head and went to the drawer. I started taking a few things out pretty casually, not really expecting anything when all the sudden I froze. I was looking at her SD card. I pulled it out and we both screamed. Prayers are answered. There is just no way I would've known to look there without help. So neat :)

A member took us and T out to dinner on Saturday night and someone paid for the four of us. So cool. I LOVE WYOMING!!! I love seeing the blessings that come to people that want to do nice things for missionaries, too. It was just a great experience.

Sunday was the grand finale. Whoa. We had three investigators at church. M, one of our ward missionaries, invited her friend to come. He's now interested in learning more. We had quite a few less-actives at church. Sundays like this are not an indicator of good missionaries at all. It's simply miracles that Heavenly Father is blessing people in Rawlins with ... but it's also soooo nice to see results from our actions.

We fixed Sister Waite's bike!!! Stoked!!!

Love, Sister Rashauna Hoer

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