Monday, May 19, 2014

Rawlins Letter #3

Our new pet, the fish we found in the freezer!

We're proud of our muddy truck (don't worry, we washed it today).

The sprouts are doing good.

Sue and David Day stop by for a visit!

We eat the raspberries like candy!

We all wore ugly sweaters to the district meeting.

Each week in Rawlins gets better and better. Sister Waite and I are officially meant to be together as missionary companions. Everyone asked us when we first got to town, "How long have you two known each other?" We responded, "Oh, just under two days." 

Miracles this week:

Monday - Raspberries were only a dollar per carton.......we went crazy.

Tuesday - We basically do art projects for service at the Chamber of Commerce. The woman in charge is awesome. She wants to take us to Martin's Cove and she is so much fun to spend time with. Best service project ever.

Later in the day...
"Oh man, we don't have a dinner appointment tonight."
Not two minutes later Sister Ina Welch texted us: "Sisters, I just made a large pot of vegetable soup. Do you want some?"

After receiving manna (soup) from heaven...we tracted into a less-active that we had the most amazing discussion with.

Wednesday - At the Chamber of Commerce we decorated a golden toilet seat that will be the trophy for the upcoming outhouse races, hahaha. I forgot to take a picture, but maybe we'll get one tomorrow when we go back. We also decorated the front desk with a cool chalkboard thing. I'll have to take a picture of that, too...David and Sue Day stopped by on their way home from Cheyenne! It was sooooo neat to catch up with them a little bit and to just be in their presence. I sure love those two, even though David used my appropriate handshake to trick me into a hug! Hahaha. I sure appreciated it though :) AND I got a letter from Paige.

Thursday - One of the young women, G, (who has been contemplating going on a mission) came out with us for an hour in the evening. We passed out two Book of Mormons, got a new investigator, and taught two lessons. We got back into the truck. I turned to her and said, "What do you think?" She responded simply, "I'm going on a mission." Sister Waite and I screamed. It was the coolest moment. It reminded me so much of when I told Leshelle and my mom that I had decided to go on a mission. Calm and sure, but also a little scared. It was a really neat thing to be part of.

Friday - We contacted a referral Friday evening. She was furious. At God, at life, at her situation, her past. Just furious. We listened and bore testimony of Heavenly Father's love for her. She screamed at us, telling us we we believed in some crazy things (Jesus Christ dying in a battle...weird things like that???) For some reason, we were prompted to stay. So we continued to listen and then bear testimony of the truths that we know. After a very long time, she calmed down. We were able to share the Plan of Salvation with her and by the time we left she was smiling. She looked hopeful and even apologized and sincerely told us to have a good night. Change is what the gospel is all about and I absolutely love when we get opportunities to see it happen before our eyes. 

Saturday - We were contacting referrals and there were three houses that caught my attention. None of them were the houses we were told to knock on. I mentioned to Sister Waite who agreed to stop by those three houses. No answer. No answer. No answer. Well, then let's leave a card on each door. I just felt like we were there for a reason. So we started placing cards on the doors and were going to the middle house when a man came out. "Hey, I'm Ricky. What's your names?" We explained who we were and he was so excited to meet with us. "I've been meaning to get back to church for quite some time now" was a direct quote. Then, his girlfriend came out and we invited her to meet with us, as well. "Of course!" she said. We got their numbers and we got a text from them this morning!!! We have an appointment with both of them tonight :)

Sunday - We have been inviting all the members we meet with to pray and look for the "Bridger Pass Family". We have felt very strongly there is a family ready to be baptized and start on their path to becoming an eternal family in this area. They are in almost every one of our prayers and I think we met them on Sunday. The K Family. The wife is baptized but her husband and two of their three children are not baptized. They were so kind to us and we are just really excited to see them again. They said we can stop by any time :)

Sorry, half of our miracles were about food. It's those little things all the time though that help me be sure that Heavenly Father is always looking out for us. It's an amazing feeling. He cares so much for each one of us. Keep looking for miracles!! I also just put a ton of things in the mail, so be looking for those, too!!!

Sister Rashauna Hoer

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