Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rawlins Letter #2

At the dump.

Cleaning out a creepy crawlspace at the new apartment.

Making cookie bouquets for a church activity.

Getting pulled over by the police. Received a warning ticket for going 8 mph over the speed limit.

Lamp shades we found all over the new apartment!

Treats we got from church on Mother's Day.

My pride and joy wall.

When we saw this blue house with a blue car, we knew 
we had to take a photo of our blue truck in front of it!

Bubbles we found!

A cool sign we found.

TALKING TO YOU GUYS WAS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!! I felt like I hadn't been gone at all :) Love and miss you family.

I'm in a mad rush this week...kinda always am, but I wanted to share this one miracle.

Miracle of the week: We were trying to get in contact with a woman we had been told we should visit. We tried calling...wrong number. We decided to go knock doors and ended up on this random street close to the train tracks. We had decided on this street, but a green house around the corner caught my attention and we decided to start there. It was the first door we knocked on and guess who it was? Yup, the woman we were trying to contact earlier! She let us in immediately and made sure that after we shared a message with her and her husband, that we knew we were welcome back, anytime. They told us to come over to eat. Don't even knock, just come in. They also want to take us fishing on a p-day!!!

Life is what you make it. "An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered. An adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." I totally forgot who said this, but it wasn't me :)

Sister Rashaua Hoer

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