Monday, March 3, 2014

Greeley Letter #15

 All bundled up waiting to watch the sunrise...
...and here's the sunrise!
Going back home after the sunrise adventure.
Exploring Colorado. 
Greeley, Colorado. 
More of Greeley.
At the first ever Colorado Fort Collins Mission Sister's Zone Conference.
The first batch of mail received at the conference... 
...and the second batch of mail! 
The calendar mentioned below with Rashauna's birthday and the "bathisum"

So this week has been incredible. It's been sister T and I's best week so far. Just incredible. We started teaching B -- the wife of our recent convert!!!! Lessons are so much more powerful with their whole family present. We had Family Home Evening with them and invited her to actually take the missionary discussions. She said YES!!!! She is already making progress and it's been so cool to see her light up when we walk in or just see how much happier she seems since we first started visiting. I just feel so grateful.

Friday we had our first ever Colorado Fort Collins Mission Sisters Conference. Such an inspirational meeting. I also got to see all the sisters in the mission. I loved every second of it. We met at 9 am and the meeting ended after lunch around 1. At the beginning of lunch we were handed mail that the mission office brought. I had a giant stack!!! Then Elder Jensen (who works in the mission office) showed up with the mail that had come in just today. Several sisters gathered around the table and I just heard them shouting my name..... They brought it all to me.... By the end of the day I had received 46 letters and 4 packages. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that all happened in a day. I'm trying really hard to wait until my birthday to open gifts. Thanks again!!! My companion made me hide them because I almost opened one last night, hahaha.

The grandkids are on track to be baptized on the 15th of this month!! They wrote on their calendar my birthday as well as their "bathisum" haha. They are adorable.

During one of our lessons this week, the Spirit taught me. I love when this happens. We were talking about the importance of gaining knowledge in this life and it hit me that we really only take a few things with us after this life: Our character, our relationships, and our knowledge. It's really helped me place greater importance on those things. What else really matters, right?

So, Sunday morning we left our meeting early to go to J's house and make sure they made it to church. They haven't been in a couple weeks and we asked what we could do to help them get there. They know that's where they need to be, but it's just tough in the morning. We all know how that is. However, at the end of the day you just have to do what's right. They asked if we'd come by around 8. Sure. So we showed up and they had lost a bank card that was crucial for their family. Sister T and I silently said prayers to ourselves and not a minute later the card showed up in a pocket that had already been checked several times and by different people. Then they found out their pipes had frozen. I explained the miracle that had just happened and we told them that if they put their faith in God, said a prayer, and went to church (we were already late) that the water would come back on soon. Well, not 10 minutes after we left, the water was running. Heavenly Father answers prayers. Enough said.

Love, Sister Rashauna Hoer

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