Thursday, February 20, 2014

Greeley Letter #14

Chocolate dipped strawberries made for the missionaries by a ward member
on Valentine's Day.

Someone else filled their room with balloons on another day.

Valentine's Day Photo
Z, the woman that came up to me at the library last week, is doing great! She loves us. Absolutely loves us. We're working on actually starting to teach her, but in the mean time the member that she is friends with had her and us over for dinner on Valentine's day. We just sat and talked for a while afterward, while the member was putting kids to bed. We are definitely teaching her the gospel it's just not as official as most of our appointments. We continue to feel that it needs to be her decision though, so we continue to love her and answer all the questions she has about the gospel. I don't think it will be long till we extend another invitation though.... that's just what we do.
Saturday night, a member invited family, friends (specifically one nonmember friend) and us to attend the blessing of their baby and dinner afterward at the church building. We got our food and sat down at the nonmember's table. I was nervous, but we simply had to. The spirit made sure we did this one thing. She is so easy to talk to!! I love her. She was saying how honored she felt to be invited to such a beautiful ceremony and was telling us that her husband recently said, "We should look into the Mormon faith more." Uhhhh..... well we're the people to talk to. Her member friend is already working on getting them and us over for dinner and their first discussion!!!! MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!!! Everybody get excited and invite your friends to things. Anything. Pinewood derby race. Dinner. Baby blessings. Church. Baptism. :) So cool.
Last week we met with L and her daughter K (referrals from a member!!!!). We met with them again last Sunday and brought a member with us. It was awesome. We planned on teaching the restoration which is basically all about Prophets anciently, Christ and His Atonement, and then modern prophets. Well, she openly says she doesn't know much about the Atonement so that's what we spent most of our time on. It was so cool. I love how simple the gospel is and I love how much L sees God's hand in her life. She has been through a lot in the last two years and she said during our last visit that maybe it was because she had to meet us. She has had missionaries come to her door multiple times and she has always turned them away until we came along. We have another appointment with her next Sunday.
So many cool things happening in Greeley. We also met with one of the coolest less-actives ever. K does archery, shoots, and wants to take me fishing. She has 6 kids and has had some rough experiences, but she's open to meeting with us and even expressed her desire to go to the temple. I'm so excited about her. She and I just clicked. Lately it's been really cool to see evidence of why I am here. It's incredible. I feel like I'm going to be friends with people here for a very long time.
R and S are doing alright. I think we have to tell them that we can't visit them anymore. It's heartbreaking, but they aren't doing what they say they'll do and I know there are others who not only need this, but are ready for it. So.... that's really depressing. I love them.
To end on a lighter note. I came home to a room completely full of balloons on Tuesday night. So cool. So random. I love surprises :)
Love, Sister Rashauna Hoer

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