Monday, February 3, 2014

Greeley Letter #12

Habitat for Humanity missionary crew
"Working" at the food bank...
Most of the missionaries in Rashauna's zone.
We had two amazing service projects this week. They were the usual ones, Habitat for Humanity build and the food bank. However we made them an absolute blast. People around saw how much fun we were having and commented on how neat it is that we take time to volunteer and that we can have such a blast in the process. Attitude is everything. Heavenly Father gave us power to control our thoughts, actions, and emotions. That is hard for me to accept sometimes when I'm letting myself feel discouraged, but it's true. We choose how we feel and I love that He has given us the ability to do so.
On Saturday, I found out that I'm staying here for another transfer!! I couldn't be more excited. A lot of my good missionary friends are leaving, but that just means I'll get to make more friends, right? Sister Tafengatoto and I will still be together and I know that there is a lot that we are supposed to do here. I know there are people that we have been working with that need us and it's nice to know Heavenly Father feels the same way.  
R wasn't feeling well on Sunday, so he and S didn't make it to church, but we are very hopefully about next Sunday. The A family are amazing. It probably doesn't seem like much, but as I was leaving their house last night, Mama L said, "wait, we got this for you!" It was an avocado.... I almost cried... over an avocado. Pathetic? Maybe, but it's those small things that get me. The cool part about it was that last p-day I got them the game Phase 10 and printed out a few pictures for them. I love when people are thinking of each other at the same time. Pretty rad. We've also been able to make contact with several people that we haven't been able to reach the last few weeks. This week has a lot of potential.
I love teaching the gospel. I think the best way we can teach is by following Christ's example and asking inspired questions. I try really hard to ask a lot of questions and we were able to have a really cool discussion on Sunday during our Gospel Principles class (our Ward Mission Leader started teaching the lesson, but gladly accepted our offer to take over because his baby girl kept getting more and more upset as the seconds passed). I actually really like spur of the moment opportunities. They make for a spiritually guided discussion. Regular scripture study makes me feel like I can do anything. There is so much strength that we recieve from the scriptures, from obtaining knowledge and truth from Heavenly Father through His spirit.
Love, Sister Rashauna Hoer

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