Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Greeley Letter #11

Giant apples...Rashauna loves fruit & veggies!
Rashauna & fellow missionaries helping at the food bank.
Baking raspberry cobbler for a birthday treat.
Rashauna and friends.
R AND S CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! This is probably the only thing I cared about this whole week. Several cool things happened, but nothing compared to how happy this made me. Funny story. There is a Catholic church right next to ours. We had called R & S in the morning and they said they were just waking up and about to get ready. Sweet! It was getting closer and closer to ten and we still hadn't seen them... I texted S and the conversation went as follows:
Me: Hey we have a seat saved for you!!
S: We are already here, towards the back
Me: (after searching the building) Really? We don't see you? Are you at the LDS church?
S: Oh, we're at St. Mary's, I thought this didn't seem like what you have been talking about. Is it too late to come over to yours?
Me: No, not at all!
Well, we were 10 minutes late getting into the chapel, but WHO CARES!!! They came and loved it. It was stake conference and there were several technical difficulties trying to watch the broadcasted version at our building. It was a mess, but they were able to meet our bishop and already have plans to come next week to see what it is normally like. I am so grateful for the spirit that was present, there were many good talks that touched their hearts.
I'm running out of time, but so many miracles happened this week. We see Heavenly Father's hand in all that we do and we have so much fun while doing it. We are always laughing. I love it.
Sister Rashauna Hoer

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