Monday, December 2, 2013

Greeley Letter #3

Running in the 5k Turkey Trot 

Well, we've had some amazing progress this week. I can't even remember what I told you about S and N and their family, but I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life. They are truly ready for the gospel and we have been over there almost every day since we met them. While on exchanges, Sister Mehner and I were able to teach them the Restoration. I love sharing Joseph Smith's experience. After doing so, I asked them how they felt. S described the warmth that the spirit brings. I have never felt the spirit so strongly as I did that night. I felt it so powerfully. We bore testimony of the spirit and what it means and invited them to be baptized. They said yes, that was definitely something that they wanted. This family is so open to the spirit. It's hard to see so many people that don't allow themselves to see or feel God in their lives, but S and N are evidence that Heavenly Father has a plan for everyone. We crossed paths with them because they are ready for the gospel now. The Lord is truly looking out for us, each one of us.
I got your Thanksgiving package on Tuesday!! It was so fun :) Wednesday evening S, N and 3 others in their family received powerful priesthood blessings. S's was my favorite. Heavenly Father told him that he needed to read the scriptures and as he did so he would learn things that would bless his entire family. He will also lead his posterity. At the age of 18, this young man has so much responsibility. He takes care of his entire family in one way or another, but I know Heavenly Father is looking out for him. We are his messengers to provide him with the help he needs.
We asked a few families in the ward if they would each make a side dish that we could deliver to N's family for Thanksgiving. Everyone was so supportive and after we ran a 5K turkey trot (compliments of the amazing Buss family - the family we live with) we dropped off the meal to them. They were so appreciative and were really touched by the fact that members of the church would help someone they didn't even know. N said, "I'll have to come thank them sometime." Hopefully we'll be able to get them to church soon. The rest of Thanksgiving was great. We played Tuba Ruba and ate dinner at the Adamson's. They are so good to us. They remind me a lot of our family and how we treat the missionaries.
We taught N the Plan of Salvation on Friday evening and set her with a baptismal date on Saturday. We asked her to prepare herself to be baptized on the 4th of January. Her face just lit up. She smiled and cried and said yes. The spirit truly teaches people the things they need to know. It's a wonderful experience to be able to be so involved in that process. I learn so much every day.
We were asked to teach class on Sunday right before Sacrament Meeting. It went surprisingly well. We are kind of taking over three of the Elder's investigators because one of the elders has a compound fracture. Throwing a football Thanksgiving morning, his humerus completely snapped. I got to see the x-ray and it's one of the cleanest breaks I've ever seen.... and the weirdest thing. A 20-something year old's arm snapping from throwing a football. I didn't believe him until I heard several other witnesses. Crazy stuff. But their three investigators, J, J and A are being baptized this Saturday and contributed some amazing comments to the lesson. Again, I just learn so much from the people we "teach"; sometimes it feels like it's the other way around.
We are going ice skating in a little bit and I look forward to sending pictures next week. Love you all!! Missionary work is the best. Members have been helping out a ton!! When is the last time you called the missionaries and asked, "Who are you teaching and how can I help?"
Sister Hoer

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