Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Greeley Letter #5

At the Mission Christmas Devotional
Artwork by Rashauna:
She drew on her missionary handbook (bottom) and now
other missionaries are requesting her artwork on their handbooks.

I'll call the day before Christmas to set up and make an appointment to Skype on Christmas. I GOT MY PRE-CHRISTMAS PKG. Thank you thank you thank you!! I've worn the socks and used the sharpies and worn the shirt and used the stamps and I love it. Thanks for everything. You're the best.
We had the opportunity to do exchanges this week. I got to be in Johnstown for a day. Closer to the mountains :) It was a beautiful view. We were able to serve pie to folks at a senior center for part of our voluteer hours. It was so much fun. Going back to our area, we met with a new investigator that the Elders had been working with. She's 8 years old and awesome. We talked about river rafting and adventures before we set up an appointment. Her parents are so cool. I cannot wait to teach her.
M, N's Grandma passed away this week. We've been in and out of the hospital, by request of the family. The spirit has been so strong during our prayers there. They are understandably having a hard time, but S (N's son) expressed how well everyone has been doing under the circumstances. He said he knows it's because of us and the things we've been teaching.
We met with a 25 year old named C. He hasn't been to church in years. His friend on a mission currently contacted him through facebook and invited him to meet with the missionaries. He accepted and has been doing great. He has already read the Book of Mormon all the way through and is in 2 Nephi for the second time in just 4 days. He came to church on Sunday. It's amazing to see how Heavenly Father gives us strength to do things we otherwise wouldn't be able to do on our own. That is the enabling power of the Atonement working. He has tried to quit chewing tobacco before and has never been able to. Recently, at the beginning of the whole "going back to church" process, he stopped and hasn't touched it since. He shared with us his surprise at how easy it has been this time. I know that Christ is truly helping him and he knows it too.
Sister Mangum and Sister Smith were sick on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I detailed our car, hung out with Sister Buss (the member we live with), read Jesus the Christ, address Christmas cards..... anything to stay busy. They are both (thankfully) feeling better now. I was about to go insane. It's so hard sitting at home when you know there are people we need to see. Saturday night we found out that our trio was getting separated. Sister Mangum is going to the Spanish branch. They meet at the same time as us in the relief society room so I'll still get to see her. Sister Smith is being transferred to Fort Collins and both of them will be in spanish speaking areas. I'm excited for them. I'll be staying here and training a new missionary. Round three. I'm nervous, but I'm trying to trust that Heavenly Father knows what He is doing. Everytime I remind myself of this fact, I feel peaceful. Good things are coming :)
I'm so excited to be staying. Surprise, surprise I'm completely attached to yet another area. I know I always say this but I love the people here. I think (because I'm training) I'll hopefully get at least 3 more months here.
A couple of our less active families are doing really well. More of an update on them next week.
Love, Sister Hoer

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