Saturday, November 30, 2013

Greeley Letter #2

Delivering brownies to a friend recovering from cancer treatment
Homemade pizza party!
The Trio.
I am constantly overwhelmed when I come to the library and try to sum up my week. So much has happened. I got permission on Tuesday to call Sister Gregory from a member's phone and wish her a happy birthday. That was really fun to talk to her for a little while :) We also made brownies for a less-active woman who is recovering from cancer/cancer treatments. She loves cows and Oklahoma University. So that's how we decorated them.
Wednesday was crazy in such a good way. We were able to teach J, a woman that we ran into. We've been trying new tracting and finding approaches and one that has been particularly successful is just asking a question. No introductions, no anything. We just knock on a door and when they open it say, "Where do our spirits come from?" or "Why are there so many churches today?" Things of that nature. It's been really neat. So we got a lesson with J from that and later that day we were wandering around looking for a less-actives house when a young man got out of his car to ask if we needed help. Always let people help you when they offer. It's an amazing opportunity to meet people and for them to receive blessings. We ended up inviting him and his family to hear a message about Jesus Christ. He said, "absolutely." We have since visited them at least three times. It's incredible to see the Lord's promise come true that people who are prepared to hear the gospel will be lead to you or you will be lead to them. S just walked up to us. Him and his mother have been through a lot, but what's amazing is that the gospel can help and will if they continue to allow it to. The gospel will cover any trial or hardship.
We had dinner at the Adamson's on Thursday and they essentially made a vegan feast. They are one of the most incredible families I've met on my mission thus far. They are so much fun to talk to. That's where I'll be spending thanksgiving and I'm really looking forward to it.
Friday, Sister Smith and Sister Mangum and I made our own pizzas while we did our weekly planning. We tend to make everything a party and it's great. They are so fun to be around. We also all got some fleece-lined tights which have been pretty incredible. Anyone who hasn't experienced those is missing out. I also got a letter from Paige and Taraleigh/Taven/Cannon/Carsten.... I can't quite express how much those mean to me. Thank you!!
We met with a less-active that just moved from California. It was cool to see a 209 area code again (shout out to my girl Taraleigh - and the Duffmyster of course). Her husband is not a member and is now our newest investigator. They are so sweet. All three of us were beaming when we saw them walk into the chapel on Sunday. It was amazing to see them at church. I also gave a talk yesterday during Sacrament meeting. I was asked to introduce myself, which I did, but I ended up mostly talking about becoming more like Christ. That's something I've been really passionate about lately. All three of us Sister Missionaries also were talked into singing with the choir during Sacrament Meeting. It's really nice to be busy though. Last night we were able to go over to S's house with the Elders to give his grandmother a Priesthood blessing. It was an amazing experience. I love feeling the spirit with people.
Overall I think it's been one of my favorite weeks on the mission. We are working so hard and have seen so much progress in just one week.
Love you!! Invite your friends over when you are feeding the missionaries!!
Sister Hoer

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