Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Laramie Letter #16

Rashauna on Halloween as an old lady missionary, ha-ha!
T's lesson went great!! We just talked about faith. Simple, but powerful. She has the most beautiful prayers. They are so genuine and you just know that she is talking to her Father in Heaven. She had to reschedule our meeting for Friday, but she contacted us yesterday and asked when we could meet this week!! Some changes came her way that have really been a catalyst for her progression. It's amazing to see how challenges help us move forward. It's so easy and natural to find a spot where we are comfortable and stay there. Heavenly Father knows this and gives us exactly what we need to keep moving forward. I love seeing His hand not just in the details of my life, but in others. I love helping them recognize how much He truly loves them.
It's been incredible how much the gospel is being shared here. The ward is extending invitations. We have been getting referrals. Everyone can feel the blessings that come from it. I love it. I love the Sherman Hill ward!! Missionary work doesn't come anywhere close to it's full potential without the help of members. A is doing wonderful. She has her baptismal interview today in preparation for her baptism this weekend. Her faith and confidence is inspiring.
Sister De Voe and I dressed up as much as we could to make Halloween a little more exciting :) See pictures. They describe our outfits better than I could with words.
We got to attend B's baptism on Saturday. He has been coming to our ward the last few weeks, but was taught by another set of sisters. It was an incredible service. He had the biggest smile on his face and you could just feel the spirit in the room. He was the happiest I've ever seen him. At church the next day, he was confirmed a member of the church and bore his testimony. Sister De Voe and I had the opportunity of teaching the gospel principles class on Sunday. It was a spur of the moment thing, but those lessons are sometimes the best. I was grateful for the time we spend studying each morning that prepared us to teach by the spirit.
Sister McCracken ordered both Sister De Voe and I our own copy of "The power of everyday Missionaries" by Clayton Christensen!! What a pleasant surprise. Relief society was wonderful. The president led a discussion based on two talks, one called "The Way" and the other, "The Atonement" by Elder Bednar (I don't remember who wrote the first one) but they were both very eye-opening. After the lesson, I asked if I could write down the titles and authors so I could look them up myself, and she just gave me the copies she had printed out that day. I read them again this morning. I highly recommend both of them. I have a renewed testimony of the Savior and of what the Atonement means to me personally. Everybody needs to read these talks.
(Note: Rashauna included the link to the talk about the Atonement, and I added the link to the talk titled "The Way" ~ Carolyn)
An amazing new family moved into our ward. Both returned missionaries and sooooo thoughtful. Every now and then she'll text us and ask what she can do for us that day. Sunday she saw we didn't have a dinner and instead of asking if we'd like to come over, she simply said, "pancakes and hashbrowns or spaghetti?" I love them so much. Leaving their house Sunday night they also told us that they never lock their house and to, "feel free to just come in and get some lunch or use the bathroom whenever you want." They are incredible. We no sooner started biking to our next appointment when it began to snow. Sister De Voe and I continued on without any success that night. Trying house after house after house with no answer. Luckily with all the member's help, this situation hasn't been happening nearly as often. We got some good pictures though that look like we're in a snow globe, haha.
Yesterday, we left early to drive to Cheyenne. We met the north half of the mission there to meet and listen to Elder Gay of the seventy. It was a phenomenal conference. I always love seeing friends (like Sister Gregory!!) but more importantly, it was so uplifting and motivational. We talked a lot about faith, about how important personal revelation is and how each one of us is entitled to receiving it. How important members are to hastening the work. The gospel is true, we need to open our mouths and confidently share the facts. We need to teach according to people's individual needs. We need to testify of God's love for them. I just kept thinking, everything being said wasn't just for missionaries, but for everyone. I kept thinking how can I implement this after my mission? How can I be more of a help to those closest to me, to my family, friends, and companion? We need to strengthen ourselves, each other and then all those around us. The best part about this is, that sharing the gospel with those around us strengthens our own testimony. Feeling inadequate is no excuse, being busy is no excuse. Sharing the gospel will bless you and those you love the most.
"No one can receive exaltation without sharing the gospel," -President George Albert Smith. That was one line that really stuck out to me.
Love you all. I'm sick of the snow already, haha, yikes! I've been trying to think of San Diego right before I go to bed so I can dream about the fantastic weather there.
Sister Rashauna Hoer

The talks:

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