Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Laramie Letter #13


Riding a tricycle after a service project
A salamander outside our house recently
Fall on one side, winter on the other
WE HAVE SO MUCH FRESH PRODUCE...and this isn't even all of it!
Missionary shoes

Fall on one side of the road, winter on the other!

It's been kind of a slow week. Sister De Voe and I are both sick and have just been struggling to get out of bed in the morning. We laugh about how pathetic we probably look and how much snot the body can produce. It's actually quite amazing haha. So don't worry, we're still having a fantastic time. 

We did two exchanges this week (switching companions for the day). It is so cool to spend time and get to know other sisters better. I also can't even begin to explain how many miracles happened. Sister Cardon and I were together on Thursday and had some amazing lessons with two of the investigators in her ward. They are both amazing women who have so much faith. First lesson went great and I was able to bear testimony of how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can change and strengthen us. Biking to our second lesson, I rode through a puddle that seemed shallow. However I hit a hole that was hidden in the middle of it and my back tire went straight up in the air. I found myself looking at the puddle from above thinking that I was going to fall face first into the water. Thankfully, the back tire went back down but kinda to the side, forcing me to put my foot down. Well, needless to say, my shoe was completely full of water for our next lesson. 

We taught the word of wisdom. In the beginning of the lesson she said that she would drink coffee no matter what, even after she was baptized. After we talked about the blessings that come from doing what Heavenly Father asks of us, she mentioned how she wants to stop drinking it. She actually said that she is sick of it. It was so cool to see the spirit change her heart in such a short amount of time. When one of our appointments fell through, we knocked on a random door nearby. A woman answered and let us in. We taught her about God's love for us and the restoration. She said we could come back anytime. Miracles!! Later that day we also found a salamander while trying to visit someone else. It's all about the little things :) 

Friday, we had a trainers meeting in Fort Collins. It was fun to see everybody and get to know new people. I treated everyone to spooners again haha. It's becoming a tradition and everyone is starting to just expect that we'll go there. We had a lesson with Tunsisa and Sebla (the family) and they had a LOT of questions like usual. Sister De Voe and I did our best to answer them, but eventually you get to a point where even if you answer everything they want to know, they still need to pray about it. That is how we acquire truth and knowledge, it's from Heavenly Father and the spirit testifying that the things we share are true. So we encouraged them to do so and are hopeful that they will. 

Saturday was fresh produce day. We helped out at Salvation Army and they had so much produce donated that they didn't know what to do with it, so they gave a ton to all the missionaries that help out there so often. We in turn have been giving it away to everyone we see. Honeydew, pumpkins, limes, grapefruit. We have boxes in our house haha. It's wonderful. 

We had stake conference last weekend and Sister Da Voodie and I were able to meet Bishop Stevenson of the presiding bishopric of the church and his wife. They are such sweet people!! I loved talking to them before the meeting. It was phenomenal. He talked to the stake about the importance of a name. We can talk about missionary work all we want and nothing will ever happen until we have a name, an individual. We need to be bold and loving as we seek to show and share with others the blessings we have received from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mormon 9:21. Pray for a name. Pray for a way to reach out to an individual and Heavenly Father will give you an answer. 

We had an 8 year old get baptized on Sunday. Baily. She is amazing and we have been teaching her to prepare her for her baptism. She asked us to speak, which was a really cool opportunity. I've never spoken at a baptism before. I shared a cool story that I'll have to include in my next letter because I'm out of time again, but look forward to it. 

Prayers work!!! I love Laramie. I love the people here. I love being a missionary. I don't love biking in the snow.

Love you all,
Sister Hoer

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