Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Laramie Letter #12

Making cinnamon rolls for General Conference Sunday
Decorating for Elder Saratoni's birthday (in the sister missionary's old apartment)
Matching "rings"...
Grandma Thompson & Rashauna
Laramie, Wyoming snow
Rashauna's bike
Another amazing week started with Sister Cardon falling through a glass display case at Salvation Army and us taking her to urgent care to get a total of 14 stitches!! That was crazy... some cool nursing experience though. I was excited that I didn't get queasy at all. It made me really excited for nursing someday. We went to dinner that night at the Brewers who wouldn't let us leave afterward. Well, they wouldn't let us leave by ourselves. Instead they put our bikes in the back of their truck, drove us to Walmart, bought us bike lights, installed them on our bikes, and then drove us to our next appointment. They are one amazing family. We have been much safer biking around now because of them. We have solid white lights in the front and blinking red lights in the back. We look pretty awesome, haha. 

We got to help out with seminary Wednesday morning. Our eyes were watering from the biking through the brisk Laramie air at 6:15 in the morning. It was really fun though and made me wish that I didn't take seminary for granted. That is an inspired program. I thought of my mother the whole time I was there. It was cool to think she was teaching seminary at the same time I was there helping. (Yes, I'm aware of the time difference, but I chose to ignore it to make the experience cooler, haha) I received a cinnamon package containing a cinnamon roll recipe from home and cinnamon bears!! That was super fun. We had our usual waffle Wednesday which continues to grow as more people find out about it. We fed 8 people waffles this week. However, my favorite part about Wednesday though was visiting S. She wouldn't let us in because her house was a mess, but we had a lesson outside her front door. She said the closing prayer and in it said, "Thank you Father for bringing my girls by, I knew they would come today and I was missing them." I had to try hard to keep my composure as we gave her a hug and said goodbye. She said she knew that we would come today. Even if we don't realize it in the moment (for instance: planning the night before to visit S), the spirit works through us all the time. We also had a lesson with G (my favorite Romanian woman in Laramie), who said her first prayer (at least her first prayer in front of us) that day. We had dinner with the F family who gave us a bunch of fresh produce!!! And later, arriving at the church building for our weekly meeting with Bishop, we walked through the chapel to get to his office on the other side of the building. Walking in that room almost stopped me in my tracks. It was so peaceful. The spirit was so strong. It felt like walking out of this world and I couldn't help but think of how many angels were currently there. It was a really cool feeling. 

We dropped off a Romanian Book of Mormon to G on Thursday and I wish all of you could see how excited she was. She opened it up immediately and said, "Ah! I can read." We've been teaching her this whole time in English with an English copy of the Book of Mormon. It was so cool to see her start reading while we were still there. We couldn't stay long though so we left and she was still reading as a customer walked into her tailor shop. She's so honest and just does whatever she wants. I love it. She doesn't worry about what someone will think of her if she's reading the Book of Mormon or has missionaries in her shop. It's great. 

We woke up to snow on Friday. At least 6 inches or so. I couldn't have been happier that we had a leadership meeting down in Loveland, Colorado that we left early for. Our meeting went really well. I love hearing testimonies and seeing friends and getting to know President and Sister Brown better. An Elder who served in Boulder came up to me and asked if I know any Maxfields? Apparently they know me, or of me at least and said hello to me and my family. Pretty cool :) I treated Sister Bible to a treat before heading back to Laramie. We didn't get back until almost 6 pm. The snow had us going pretty slow, especially when we saw a total of 5 cars that had crashed and run off the road along highway 287. Two of them were semi trucks completely flipped over. It was crazy, but we made it back for a lesson with the D family. Their little girl E asked me to tie a piece of blue yarn on her finger to make a ring. I did. She then brought another piece of blue yarn over and instructed me to tie one around my finger. "For you," she said. Man, I miss my nieces and nephews. 

General Conference Weekend is the best!!! In between sessions on Saturday and during our lunch hour we decorated one of the Elder's apartments for his birthday. The talks were so good. I remember just feeling an overwhelming love when President Monson spoke. He has a peaceful, yet powerful presence. Elder Christofferson's talk stood out to me a lot. It made me feel like I need to be more gentle, haha. We'll work on that one. I started making cinnamon rolls Saturday night because it's tradition in Sister Smith and Sister Cardon's families to have cinnamon rolls Sunday morning for conference. I wanted them to feel at least a little bit like they were home. Thanks for the recipe mom!! We were able to finally contact a referral we'd received a couple weeks ago. We have tried stopping by at least 8 times at different times of the day, different days of the week, and we finally got to talk to them Sunday night. We set up an appointment too!! I'm really excited to meet with them. It's a young couple and they are so easy to talk to. Super friendly. Grandma's is officially one of my favorite places in Laramie. Singing at her house Sunday night is always something Sister Da Voodie and I look forward to. 

Funday Monday!! Sister Cardon, Bible, De Voe, and I explored downtown Laramie a little bit in the morning. There is the coolest outdoor store called Atmosphere Mountainworks. I love it. They make a ton of their own stuff right there in the shop. (backpacks, fleece jackets, snow pants, all sorts of stuff). Then we met everyone at the stake center to play volleyball and hang out. We had dinner at Stake President Dory's. I love going over there!! They are so kind and President and Sister Brown were there!!! That was surprising but neat. We tried to visit less active members of our ward afterward. Not home. Not home. Big surprise, but we kept going and third times a charm. We had an amazing and much needed lesson with V. It is really cool to see her prayers being answered and helping her recognize those answers. Our lessons just keep getting better with her. 

Well, hope that's enough to keep you busy for a while. Sorry it's so long. 
Love you!!

Sincerely, Sister Hoer

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