Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Laramie Letter #4

 Caught in the rain for the third time, in the same outfit all three times! 
Not wearing that outfit any more!
 On splits with Sister Gregory in Torrington, Wyoming.
Expression after viewing lots of bug guts!!!
 Volunteering at the Salvation Army -- always lots of fun.
 Enjoying the view.  In Rashauna's words: "Wyoming is beautiful!"
Hiking Vedauwoo with fellow missionaries.
I went to Torrington just for the purpose of exchanges. Sister Gregory and I work so well together. We had some really cool lessons. We have such similar goals and teaching techniques. It just works and it was so cool to feel the spirit so strongly. I'm sad I won't get to teach them again, but you never know. There are giant grasshoppers out here. We would run over them on all the dirt roads we were on (Sister Gregory's area covers 13 towns). We may have started aiming for them.... We got a total of 5 that we counted.
We exchanged back on Wednesday morning and I went back to Laramie. We volunteered at Salvation Army and while we were organizing donations received I found the cutest pair of shoes. M, the store manager said I could have them for free when she saw how much I liked them!!! So cool! (She has also been asking questions about our faith and it is so cool so see her curiosity increase as we continue to serve and get to know her better) I also found some Sorels that I set aside just in case I'm here in the winter. 

I may have been in charge of the phone on Tuesday and when we got home it was no where to be found. Well, no surprise there. I never knew where my phone was before a mission, why would I know where it was on a mission, right? I figured it would show up eventually. The next morning the zone leaders knocked on our door and asked if we had our phone. Why? we responded. They said some guys on campus had it haha. So they went and met them and returned it to us when we all met for our zone meeting that day. Thank you! President Brown attended that meeting. It is so powerful to sit in a room full of missionaries. We talked about several topics, but the one that stuck out most to me was faith. Faith is the power that miracles are made possible. Small ones and big ones. Inner peace is a miracle as well as healing the sick. Someone's heart being changed as well as a prayer being answered. All are miracles. All are brought about by faith.
President and Sister Brown bought all of us pizza for lunch. We met at Grandma Thompson's to eat and visit during our lunch hour. It was so fun. President and Sister Brown, being there for the first time, agreed to sing a solo. They got through the first verse and started struggling through the second. I joined in and almost immediately so did everyone else. President looked over and made eye contact with me to say thank you before getting a little choked up hearing all the missionaries sing the rest of "I Need Thee Every Hour" It was a really neat moment.
Packages from Paige and Leshelle came at a wonderful time. They always come when I most need it. I was having a rough night. A lot of appointments fell through and it was just amazing to come home to their encouraging words, entertaining stories, notes from the family reunion, and fun gifts. Taraleigh's letter came the next day to give me a morning pick me up. I can't explain how much energy I get from you guys. It's powerful.
We had an appointment with an investigator named A. When he opened the door, his whole apartment smelled of banana bread. I immediately thought of Leshelle. After teaching a lesson, (during which he jumped up to get the bread out of the oven) he gave all of us some. I think he made it just for us. I'm not sure though haha. It was tasty and we have a return appointment.
We had a really cool lesson with an investigator that the Elders were a part of too. She was able to receive a Priesthood blessing. I know I always say this, but the spirit was SO strong. Everybody felt it. During that lesson I was also able to say things that I learned as I said them. It was incredible. That is one way you know the spirit is guiding this work. Heavenly Father truly knows what His children need and the more we let go of ourselves, the more we can be an instrument for His purposes.
We made Member of the Week awards and gave them to the two families that brought people to church last week. On the back I added a disclaimer that read, "This is not a real award, but we wanted to thank you for all of your missionary efforts. Keep inviting!" Or something like that. It was basically just a glorified thank you card. The Asay's loved it though. They put it on their fridge right when we gave it to them! 
We got a voicemail on Sunday that we listened to after church. IT WAS M!! From Fort Collins. She was passing through on their way to Yellowstone and was able to get our number from a member she knows here. I cried when I heard her voice out of surprise and pure joy! I had written her a letter last week or so and it was so neat to hear that she had gotten it and hear her say how much she needed it.
We had another powerful lesson on Sunday night after singing at Grandma's. M, who lives and is meeting with missionaries in Cheyenne, felt like he needed to go to Laramie. Well we had an amazing discussion and prayed with him to know if the Book of Mormon is true. He said he'd never felt so peaceful in his life. I tell you, the spirit teaches people, not us. I love being present for it though :)
Now I'm on exchanges with Sister Smith and we have a busy day ahead of us. Lots of potential. I loved the instagram pictures by the way and since Sister Smith is in most of them it was cool to have her here to see them too. Thanks for the prayers and support. I don't know where I'd be without you.
Love, Sister Hoer

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