Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Laramie Letter #5

 Missionaries helping Pres. Dory haul firewood.
 Rashauna...in work mode.
 Shampoo and what not for four sister missionaries in one apartment!
 The Fort Collins Temple site (Rashauna on the right).
Rashauna and her new companion, Sister De Voe.
The weeks keep going by faster and faster. This last week we met with a bunch of people. I lot of progress with less-active members. We also got to meet with A again (banana bread guy). We met him at Grandma Thompson's and our discussion was great. He is so spiritual. We met with R (I'm not sure if I've told you about him, he's from China) twice this week! He loves talking to us and learning what we share. He asks so many questions and really wants to develop a relationship with Christ. And he even gives us constructive criticism after each lesson haha he is so honest. It's great! His roommate, when we went to meet with him for the second time, told us that R had been talking about us. He mentioned the "Bible" we gave him (the Book of Mormon) and asked for a copy. Well sure! We invited him to join our lesson with R, but he was busy at the moment. He was excited to give us his information though and  hopefully we'll be meeting with him soon as well. 

We didn't have a dinner Friday night, so we decided to go out to Anong's Thai Cuisine just for fun. It's not very big but we saw three groups of LDS members (all at individual tables) and we sat down to make it four. After enjoying some amazing green curry, a waitress came over and told the people sitting next to us that someone had paid their bill. How cool! People here are so nice. They then told the waitress they wanted to pay it forward and pointed out a random table and paid for them. It was cool to see them leave and then see the waitress go over and explain to the lucky diners that their bill was taken care of. We then watched our waitress come over to tell us that someone had paid our check and that we were all taken care of!! Talk about a neat night. We really got to see so much good in such a short time. I love the people here. 

Saturday we got to go up into the Mountains and haul logs with Stake President Dory. All the missionaries help him each summer cutting and hauling firewood for families in need in the community. It was soooo much fun! I loved being outside all day! They fed us breakfast and lunch while we were up there. It was hard work, but it was awesome. 

Transfers really surprised me this time around. I feel like usually I have a pretty good idea of what's happening (with me at least). However, on Saturday night I discovered that I would be serving in just the Sherman Hill family ward and training a new missionary! No more student ward, new companion!! Didn't see that coming. Sister Smith and Sister Bible will be training as well. I'll still get to see a lot of people from the student ward's at Grandma's every Sunday night though. 

Yesterday, we drove down to Loveland to pick up our new missionaries. (I didn't tell anyone in our ward that she was new though haha I'll leave that up to her if she wants them to know) On our way down there we stopped by the lot where the Temple is going to be built and took pictures before the ground breaking this Saturday. we're all excited to take pictures there again when the temple is completed. I got to see SISTER ROSIER!!!! She was at the Loveland Stake Center. That was a really fun surprise! My new companion is Sister De Voe. She is from Townsend, Massachusetts and is awesome. Sister Bible, myself, and both of our companions are all in the same apartment. It is crowded and I'll be sleeping on the couch because we only have two beds. Oh! and I'm on a bike again!!!! An Elder bought me one from a family that was moving near by their house last night and showed up with it this morning! Kindness goes a long way. I'm thinking that it was an immediate blessing for giving up my bed haha. 

Life is great!! 
Love, Sister Hoer

Oh and Elder Forman came up to me and told me, "Your dad says hi!" Pretty cool!!

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