Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rawlins Letter #6

Art project!

Elder Ramirez's birthday party.

The Wilderness District.

Windy Wyoming.

Last Monday our amazing Relief Society president had us come over to the art shop she works at and make cameos. Soooo neat. I just love and really miss art projects. I also forgot my planner today. I use that a lot to do my weekly recap so...I'll do my best. 

This has easily been one of our best weeks here. Things are finally moving forward at a noticeable pace. It was good, but slow trying to get things going with two new missionaries in the area. However, we have really been able to learn and see how hard work yields results. Not always when you want them (I always want them immediately) but having faith that they will come in the Lord's time. This experience has already been helpful in promising our investigators blessings that are sure to come when we keep going.

Sister Waite and I decided to try and read all of Preach My Gospel before the end of the transfer. This was last Friday and we finished yesterday. It was a really cool experience. All we were doing for studies was reading, reading, reading, but we really enjoyed it. I learned so many new things. We even read the "Learn the Mission Language" chapter and replaced "mission" with "spirit", learning the spirit language, Ha ha! We had fun and were uplifted in a lot of ways. 

We made some amazing progress with K. She is reading scriptures everyday and finally starting to see the blessings from doing so. It's difficult to act in faith for that long but she's doing it. We felt the spirit so strong in our last lesson with her. She is inspiring. We're hoping we'll be able to help her get to church this week. Cross your fingers...or pray. Yeah praying will probably be more productive :)

We have a new investigator named T. She is incredible. Our first lesson with her and her husband (a member) we just answered questions she had about the temple. She told us that she asked her husband to be sealed to her in the temple when she gets baptized!!! We love visiting her and her family. Her daughter is going to girls camp this week and they are excited about church this week. They make every hard day worth while. We are looking forward to meeting with them again this week. 

We found out on Saturday that we get to stay another six weeks here together!!! Sister Waite and I were very excited about that. The R family threw an ice cream party for us and the other sisters :) Saturday was just a great day. We got to help out with the Pen to Pen Fun Run a local 5K race/bbq party, have dinner with the S family, visit with the R family and we got to visit with some investigator families. It was just the best day ever.

Love you all, thanks for all the love and support :)

Love Sister Rashauna Hoer

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