Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life At The MTC ...

I arrived at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah just a week ago but it feels like so much longer. This might sound like a bad thing at first, but allow me to explain.

First, all new missionaries are divided into groups, called districts (makes me think of Hunger Games every time I mention it). It feels like I've known my district for years. We get along so well and really bring out the best in one another. We attend class to learn more about the gospel and spend quite a bit of time together. Three hour classes fly by because we are all so involved. I've learned just as much from my fellow district missionaries as I have from my teachers. Well now that I mention it, our teachers are pretty incredible. They are so passionate about the gospel and ask just the right questions so that class is more like a guided study than a lecture.

Second, my companion and I are great friends already. Her name is Sister Haas (also from Northern California) and we get along like biscuits and gravy. We are different in so many ways but get along incredibly well. She is great. We have spiritual, hilarious, open, honest conversations that come so easily. I really enjoy her company and love how hard working she is. We have plenty of fun too though. As a district we've grown so much spiritually in class, but during meal times we will all sit at the same table and just laugh the whole time. Just the other day we were playing 'would you rather'. For example, would you rather have honey ooze out of your hands whenever you touched something (think about shaking someone's hand) or have snail goo come out of your feet, leaving snail trail footprints where ever you went. I think we've achieved a really good balance here between work and play.

Third reason why it feels like we've been here for at least a month: we've learned so much! This place is incredible. I shared in a few letters that the information feels new but familiar at the same time. It's the coolest feeling. My favorite topic to study this week was prayer. Prayer is a two-way conversation between Father and Child. I've known how important it is to pray but have learned how crucial it is to also listen. Try it out sometime.

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